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Can I get a mortgage if the property has Japanese Knotweed?


Japanese Knotweed was introduced into the country in the early 1800’s as an ornamental plant for the garden. Little did they know, the destructive nature of this weed. 

This species of plant is very invasive and grows a network of roots underground that can get into the foundations of a building and cause structural problems. It can take down sheds and outbuildings without you even realising you have it growing in your garden. The plant lays dormant in the Winter but come Spring can grow up to a foot a week* The weed can be tricky to spot but it has a lime-green bamboo-like stem with speckles of purple and red, the leaves are distinctly heart shaped and in Summer, it has cream flowers.

Whilst Japanese Knotweed is controllable, if you want to buy a property, sell or remortgage your home that has the plant on site, you could struggle.


If you’ve just had a survey done on your dream property and it’s come back with Japanese Knotweed on the report, you may face problems getting a mortgage. There are lenders out there that will lend on homes that have Japanese Knotweed as long as they have had an eradication programme (including a certificate) but it’s a tricky problem to have and lenders won’t be falling over themselves to lend to you. Once the eradication programme has been completed, you will have a guarantee for a substantial period of time against the return on Japanese Knotweed.

You can get rid of Japanese Knotweed but it can be expensive and time consuming to do it properly.

Please note the content of this blog is for guidance purposes only and does not constitute for professional advice. Contact us today at or by calling 01473 216950.

*Financial Mail on Sunday

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Thursday, 28 May 2020

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